Star Supremacy gets permission from tower control to jump into open beta

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|11.10.11

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Star Supremacy gets permission from tower control to jump into open beta
Star Supremacy
Star Supremacy is barreling down on its open beta, and Barbily Games is all a-flutter as the studio prepares events and exclusive rewards for when it happens. The space-themed MMO is scheduled to open its doors wide to the public on November 15th.

Barbily Games claims that Star Supremacy is unlike any other MMO you've seen: "It is set to be a stroke of genius which you have never experienced before among space games." Players will not only harvest resources, construct ships, and duke it out with each other over territories, but there will be a main storyline for the entire playerbase to explore. Initially, players will be challenged with constructing a Deep Space Colony Ship that will allow them to reach distant solar systems. Barbily said that there's even an ending to the storyline, although it will not end the gameplay proper.

Interested astronauts can register for the open beta on the official website. Star Supremacy is both free-to-play and browser-based, making it accessible to just about anyone who's interested in laying claim to the cosmos.
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