Logitech's new CEO sees the failures of the Revue clearly in hindsight and doesn't plan a sequel

After the Logitech Revue lost the CEO who spearheaded its progression into the marketplace and saw its price drop from $299 to $99, it's probably not that surprising to hear the new company leader isn't entirely enthusiastic about it. Guerrino De Luca told investors during the company's earnings call back on October 29th that Logitech would not be building a successor to the Revue and it would be "on the bench" waiting for an opportunity to build peripherals to present itself. During an Analyst and Investor Day on the 9th, he was even more frank, crediting the launch of the Revue and the company's issues in the EMEA region as costing it over $100 million in operating profit. While still calling Google TV a "great concept", and believing that success of it or a descendant is "inevitable", he admitted that a massive marketing push for a $300 box with "unfinished" software "cost the company dearly."

Clearly, he's working on getting the company back to basics working on high end accessories and remotes -- there's also a note about . Whether or not Google TV -- or any other connected TV platform -- hits it big, expect to see Logitech hawking popcorn in the stands rather than on the field with an IR blaster connected box no one asked for, and running a bunch of creepy ads. Check out both transcripts on Seeking Alpha for more gems -- we'll wait to hear how other Google TV partners react going forward.

Update: The Logitech blog has been updated, confirming it will not manufacture new Revue units. For current hardware however, the Honeycomb software update is still promised "before the end of the year."