Exploit discovered in Siri servers, promises cross-platform access to the foolhardy

A few clever folk have had some fun with Siri lately, first by making it do the time warp with the Fat Mac and then by shoehorning it into an iPhone 3GS. Neither development is quite so intriguing, however, as a purported exploit that enables any device to access to Siri's remote server. While this certainly holds great potential for Siri apps on numerous platforms, the mystical floodgates to the masses are unlikely to open any time soon. You see, the hackers have since learned that for seamless communication to take place, a unique identifier from an iPhone 4S must be provided to the mothership in Cupertino. While it's certainly feasible to spoof these bits from an existing device, it's also likely that Apple would simply blacklist any "unique" identifiers submitted en masse. In other words, unless you have a very trusting friend who's willing to risk her handset join the naughty list, your best bet is to purchase an iPhone 4S -- simply for the identifier alone. At any rate, it seems like a steep price to find a locksmith.