Cox to exit wireless business: sales end Nov. 16th, leaves the air March 30th, 2012

Cox Wireless has always been something of an also-ran, trying to play catch up with the big boys that already had a well-established infrastructure. It snatched up some precious 700MHz spectrum from the FCC in 2008 and launched its somewhat gimmicky "unbelievably fair" service late last year. However, by May 2011 it was clear things were not going as planned. The company announced it would become a Sprint MVNO and finish migrating its customers to that network by the end of the year. Well, it appears even that plan was unsustainable as a tipster has sent us some legit looking documents indicating Cox plans to put its wireless division out of its misery completely. As of November 16th the company will cease selling wireless plans to new customers and support for existing subscribers will end on March 30th of 2012. The memo declares that Cox simply "no longer see[s] the 3G model as a strategic pursuit." Before you go pour one out for the short-lived carrier, head on after the break for one more pic.

Update: And Cox has now made it official. Its wireless service will indeed be discontinued for existing customers on March 30th, 2012, and it has stopped offering the service to new customers as of today.