eBoy Engadget t-shirts are now shipping, get yours right here!

Great news for people who wear clothes: eBoy's first full collection of Engadget t-shirts has started to ship all over the world. For those that pre-ordered between September 16th and yesterday, you should be receiving a shipment in the coming days. For everyone else? There's no better time to start stocking up on stocking stuffers, as the entire pack of new designs are in stock and ready to ship right now. We'd like to thank eBoy (read our introduction here) and the folks that pre-ordered for their awesomeness, and if you'd like to join the crowd, the two source links just below are waiting for your click.

As a reminder, we'll be giving 50 percent of the proceeds received to Child's Play Charity, which provides games, books and cash for sick kids in children's hospitals across North America and the world.