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HP's WiFi Touch Mouse X7000 has a Facebook button, doesn't like lefties

Six months ago, HP got us to look twice at its WiFi Mobile Mouse, which connects to your PC via your home network so that you don't have to waste a USB port on a dongle or receiver (incidentally, it promises to then work even if there's no WiFi connection available). Now the outfit's at it again: it's quietly started selling the WiFi Touch Mouse X7000, which, as you might have guessed, sports a gesture-friendly touch strip. Before you get too excited, though, it only supports one-fingered scrolling, whereas Microsoft's Touch Mouse does panning, minimizing / maximizing, docking and revealing the desktop. Like its little brother, the X7000 promises a 30-foot range and nine months of battery life, though for whatever reason this one's only meant for the right-handed among us. Other differences: this guy has six programmable buttons, not five, including a dedicated Facebook key. Just a heads up: you'll need not just a PC, but one running Windows 7, so those of you still rocking an XP machine for work are sadly out of luck. It's on sale for $60 -- that's twenty bucks less than Microsoft's Touch Mouse but then again, it's far less touch-friendly. But is that worth the savings? And the Facebook button?! We'll let you chew on that for awhile.