Spar's Zephyr portable Bluetooth speaker lineup streams your music, charges your phone

Joe Pollicino
J. Pollicino|11.15.11

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Spar's Zephyr portable Bluetooth speaker lineup streams your music, charges your phone
Say hello to Spar -- a newcomer to the land of wireless audio. Today, the company is officially accepting pre-orders for its Zephyr lineup of rechargeable Bluetooth speakers. The portable units are similar to others such as Jawone's Jambox, offering wireless music streaming, speakerphone functionality and portability, but also feature the ability to juice up your smartphone over USB. In total, you'll have a your pick of three Zephyrs, priced from $99 to a moderate $160 (including cables, a case and a charger). First up is the "pocketable" 300 model, which has a 12-hour battery and a black paint scheme (along with red and blue for a limited time). If that won't cut it, the slightly larger 500 variant packs 18-hours of battery life and comes in choice of white or black. Rounding out the bunch is the aluminum-housed 550; it features a massive 28-hour battery and comes in a either silver or black. If you're willing to give this new kid on the Bluetooth-block a try, the Zephyrs are set to ship by year's end and you'll find more info at the source link below. Full press release after the break.
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New Consumer Electronics Company SPAR Launches ZEPHYR Wireless Speaker Line

Portable high-definition speaker from SPAR doubles as speakerphone and mobile phone charger

(Provo, UT – November 15, 2011) – SPAR ( launches today as a breakout consumer technology company focusing on innovation and quality portable audio with the launch of its ZEPHYR speaker line. A truly versatile solution in wireless audio, the ZEPHYR line of Bluetooth, high-definition speakers double as mobile phone chargers–making them the first ever portable speaker/speakerphone/recharger combination.

SPAR comes from CEO Warren Osborn, founder of multiple successful consumer products companies.

"The inaugural SPAR product line is designed to complement the myriad of portable mobile devices on the market," Osborn says. "From tablets to smartphones, these devices have remarkable visual functionality, but generally come with poor sound quality and often run out of battery power mid-day. The ZEPHYR line solves these issues, consolidating the portable speaker/speakerphone and cell phone charger into one unit. The ZEPHYR really is the perfect companion product for a mobile phone or tablet."

"Our brand has a distinct style that resonates with consumers regardless of time, gender and location, but above all we're focused on delivering cutting edge technology and innovative functionality," Shane Bills, Chief Marketing Officer, says. "The ZEPHYR is like a Swiss Army knife for your portable mobile device-it plays your music, charges your mobile phone and facilitates your phone calls, creating the ultimate tool for the mobile consumer."

SPAR's first offering, a line of Bluetooth wireless audio speakers called ZEPHYR, earn high marks in form, function and quality. Boasting stunning acoustics and class-leading battery life, speakers in the ZEPHYR line not only deliver clear, beautiful sound, but also provide high fidelity speakerphone audio for hands-free calling. The most innovative quality of the ZEPHYR is its patent-pending technology that allows you to recharge your mobile devices while on the go-a truly differentiating factor for the ZEPHYR among a host of portable audio solutions.

The ZEPHYR line is composed of three models: ZEPHYR 300, 500 and 550. The ultra-portable ZEPHYR 300 is small enough to fit in your pocket, offers approximately 12 hours of playtime, and comes in black as well as limited editions of red and blue. The sleek ZEPHYR 500 model fits easily in a bag or purse, is available in both black and white and boasts an amazing 18 hours of wire-free operation. The high-end 550 model is encased in aircraft grade anodized aluminum, is available in silver and black and gives a class-leading 28 hours of battery life. All versions of the speakers come with a soft carry bag, an assortment of cables, and an AC charging adapter.

The ZEPHYR line is available now for pre-order with prices ranging from $99.99 to $159.99 at, with delivery in mid-December, and roll-out to retail channels in early 2012.
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