Windows 8 gets automatic updates, enforced restarts after 72 hours of polite harassment

Windows 8 is renaming the second week of every month. After "Patch Tuesday" comes "Gentle reminder Wednesday," "Polite yet firm suggestion Thursday" and "Automatic restart Friday". In order to keep everyone's system secure, Windows Update will download patches in the background before adding a notification on your lock screen that you're due a restart. If you haven't managed it within 72 hours, you'll be given a 15 minute warning to save your work and close up before it forces the shutdown -- unless you're watching a movie or conducting a presentation, it'll lie in wait for your next idle period to do it. With this system, you'll only have to complete the procedure once a month and can plan your schedule accordingly. The only time the system will deviate is when a security threat like a blaster worm appears, at which point Microsoft will ensure you're restarting as soon as a fix is available. What, you didn't know that "keeping end-users on their toes" was a feature?