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Digital downloads bring UltraViolet one step closer to being useful

The dream of being able to buy a movie once and watch it anywhere promised by UltraViolet still seems impossible, but adding digital downloads to Flixster does bring it one step closer. Of course being able to download and watch a handful of movies on a single movie application is far from anyone's dream, but we supposed you have to start somewhere. If you had your hopes a simpler solution, though, you might also keep dreaming as the video after the break seems to show just how complicated one can make watching a movie. We suppose we'd be more excited if we'd just purchased Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 and learned that we could now also watch it on our tablet or smartphone -- now even if we aren't connected to the internet -- but perhaps like you, the final Potter installment isn't exactly on the top of our must have movie list.