UltraViolet 'digital locker' opens for business. Lets you buy once, play anywhere... eventually


The first UltraViolet-enabled disks wont actually appear on shelves till tomorrow, but that doesn't mean you can't get a head start on migrating to DECE's buy once, play anywhere platform. The digital locker is now open for business (sort of) and consumers can go sign up for an account right now. Sadly, there isn't much you can do just yet. Though the Flixster app for PCs and iOS was updated to add UltraViolet support, there doesn't appear to be anyway to link your various accounts (like iTunes or Netflix) with the service just yet. An account can have up to six different users associated with it, and you can control what content they will have access too -- a feature sure to be welcome by families with children. If you want to be able to purchase your flicks once and take them anywhere, right now your only hope is UltraViolet and Blu-ray discs bearing its logo -- a slow trickle of titles which begins October 11th with Horrible Bosses.