Time Warner CEO talks HBO Go expansion, first UltraViolet digital locker-enabled movies

The second quarter 2011 results for Time Warner came out today and while news of a successful quarter intrigues investors, we're keying in on the always chatty CEO Jeff Bewkes' comments about new technology including HBO Go, UltraViolet and even Netflix. After a successful launch for HBO Go on mobile devices with more than four million downloads, it will expand to Brazil and Mexico by the end of the year and Asia next year while also streaming to more connected TVs and game consoles. Another platform getting some love is the long awaited "digital locker" UltraViolet (Listen to our podcast with the man in charge for more background), which will be included on the Blu-ray releases of Green Lantern and Horrible Bosses later this year and fully integrated with recent purchase Flixster; we'll finally find out if buy once, play anywhere is really as good as it sounds. Oh, and that Albanian army Netflix? Bewkes may be warming up to it -- and the impressive profits posted by CBS after its new streaming deals -- so while HBO is probably still off of the table for streaming there may be other TV content from its library on the way in return for a fat licensing check.