Boxee Box v1.1 update includes improved browser, playback controls and more

Early previews of a new update for the Boxee Box mentioned a couple of different version numbers, but now the company has settled on v1.1 for the software update (sorry, still nothing for PCs) it's rolling out over the next few days with a slew of new features. VP of Marketing Andrew Kippen confirms the "huge browser update" he'd mentioned earlier is included with the following features: favorites, history, a better UI to show more of the picture and include more options, plus expanded HTML5 capabilities that should fix login problems for HBO Go. There's no mention of iPad support, but the whole on screen display has been trimmed with a new seek bar for more precise FF/Rewind action, along with support for customized local metadata and NFO files, a new app and two new content partners including the worst TV channel ever and SnagFilms. One thing that's been removed? Volume controls, which Boxee says "improves consistency" and makes it the same as any standard Blu-ray player. As usual, the update will be issued automatically, but if you just can't wait you can force it manually, check the source links for details, more screenshots and a full changelog.