Boxee 1.05 bringing 'huge browser update' by end of March

There's still not a ton of specifics on this one just yet, but Boxee's VP of Marketing, Andrew Kippen, has confirmed on the TechWebcast podcast that the Boxee 1.05 update will be rolling out by the end of March -- which, last we checked, wasn't that far away. The big news there is that it will boast a "huge browser update" that will not only speed up the browser considerably, but add compatibly with far more video-minded websites. Kippen also mentioned the iPad app we first saw back at CES, which will let you stream content from your iPad to your Boxee Box, and adds some social features like the ability to see what your friends are watching. Still no word on an exact release date for it, but it will apparently only be compatible with the iPad 2 for reasons unknown.

Update: Fear not original iPad owners, Boxee just informed us that the iPad app will in fact work on all iPads. It's also let us know that the Boxee Box update will actually be version 1.05, not 1.5, but it will still include everything described.