Boxee details next Box update with iPad support and more in May

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Boxee details next Box update with iPad support and more in May
Boxee Box iPad app
We refuse to be surprised that the next Boxee Box update isn't actually arriving by the end of March, but just to tide us over CEO Avner Ronen has picked up his blogging pen and revealed many of the changes on the way. As mentioned on that Australian podcast, the browser will be faster, as well as a new on-screen display for FF/RW controls, options for sorting local files and additional language support. A smiley face is reserved for the news that support for Boxee for iPad will be included, before moving on to a list of bugs that will be stamped out. Early access users should expect to see test builds rolling out shortly, with plans for major updates to the Boxee Box (and "other Boxee based devices") every three months or so, we should expect this one in May -- no word on anything for the PC clients. Until then hit the source link for all the details or just relive our special CES hands-on time with Boxee for iPad in the gallery.
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