Massively Exclusive: A look at Luvinia Online's Bishop

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Massively Exclusive: A look at Luvinia Online's Bishop
Screenshot -- Luvinia Online Bishop class
Luvinia Online has only been officially launched for a couple of months, but already there's a new expansion on the way. The update, Age of Enlightenment, brings with it the game's second tier of subclasses. One such subclass is the Bishop, an offshoot of the Priest archetype, and Massively has an exclusive blurb on what players can expect from the new healer. So click on past the cut for a short bio on the Bishop, and prepare for the Age of Enlightenment expansion to go live on November 30th.

The Bishop

Enlightenment comes in many forms, but for the truly devoted Priest who dedicates himself to the practice of the healing arts, the role of Bishop is the highest honor to achieve. The Bishop truly is a blessing to those who surround him, weaving the restorative arts like no other class can. The Bishop is a valuable asset to any party in both the supportive role he plays as well as the arcane arts he retains from his tutelage as a Mage. While no Bishop is infallible, a master one can surely make any ally seem immortal to any foe who might think to cross his path.
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