Microsoft Xbox 360 successor rumored to arrive in 2012, make an appearance at CES?

Go get the salt... it's Xbox rumor time! Today, we're hearing that Microsoft's Xbox 360 successor may be hitting stores in late 2012, according to Edge, with an initial announcement possibly to come at CES. Next December would be a couple years shy of the 10-year time frame Microsoft reps have quoted for the 360's life cycle in the past, and we haven't heard much about this rumored CES announcement until now, so we're not inclined to take either of these reports too seriously. Ubisoft may have Microsoft-supplied dev kits, according to Edge, so perhaps there is some truth to the rumors. We don't have long to wait until that massive consumer electronics gathering in Vegas at this point, though, so it's only a matter of time before the rumor mills begin shifting their launch expectations to 2013.