Apple updates look and feel of App Store on iOS

Apple has updated the App Store as usual today with the newest staff picks and featured apps for the week, but there's one other new touch (so to speak) on the iPhone and iPad. You can now simply swipe in the App Store's featured window to flip through pages of apps, as pointed out by AppleNApps. Before, you had to actually click on to each category page or featured page, and then when you went to look at an app specifically, the store tossed you right back out to the front. But now you can simply swipe both the apps on the main page as well as apps on the category pages, and viewing an app and then hitting back just sends you right back to where you were browsing. Very handy, much less annoying than the old way.

As far as I can tell, there are no major updates for the iTunes version of the store -- it looks the same to me. Last week on the Talkcast, I had talked about updates I'd like to see in the App Store in the future, including some way of marking whether apps were on sale or not, and even a section a little more specific than "New and Noteworthy," showing just which apps were brand new, or even apps which were recently updated.

But this change is nice nevertheless. It should definitely make app browsing even easier on the various iOS devices.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.