My Keepon: Kinect-ing hackers and goths through the art of dance (video)

If rhythm is a dancer, then My Keepon is a goth. The adorable, Snowman-like (yellow snow, in this case) bot just recently received a wallet-friendly retail debut, so join us in the not-surprised-to-see-this-get-a-Kinect-hack (by way of Arduino) camp. Granted, the lil' guy's moves may be stilted, but he's clearly not the star of this YouTube show. We were more impressed with his gesture-cuing Gepetto's discotheque living room get down. So, do you think you can dance to industrial music and mod this $35 holiday hot toy? Then clearly you need to hit up the source for all the necessary coding bits. But first, be sure to take a gander at the industrial grind after the break.