Lumia heads all the way to China in spring 2012, Nokia to fill the hole in their hearts

Statesiders aren't the only ones waiting on the Lumia line to launch. You can add China to the list of countries beholden to Espoo's "coming soon" promise. According to a report in Chinese magazine Global Entrepreneur, an unnamed Nokia exec has pinned down a release for the company's flagship WP 7 handsets, stating they'd likely hit sometime in April of 2012. True, that date may seem a bit far off, but the Finnish company's got quite a bit to tackle before next spring, as certain aspects of the Redmond-made OS require localization to keep in line with the government's media censorship. As for pricing, well, look for the phones to retail between 4888 to 4999 yuan (about $768 - $786) -- that's bank-breaking territory, indeed. But, if it's a bargain Windows Phone you're after, we hear those are available in spades.