Galaxy Nexus coming to Bell and Virgin Mobile Canada December 8th, pre-orders begin today

Time to start whoopin' and hollerin', Canada -- not only do you have a date with the Galaxy Nexus on December 8th, you can begin pre-ordering it on Bell and Virgin Mobile today. Getting your phone ordered early ensures that you can have the $160 handset (after a three-year commitment, of course) shipped out "as soon as it's available," but it doesn't necessarily guarantee your brand new treasure will show up on launch day. Bell's got a promo going on that we don't recall having seen before: a Twitter line-up. The idea is to sign up on the site on December 1st between 10am and 11am (EST), claim a spot in the virtual line and you'll be given a message to send on Twitter. Then, return to the site once an hour until 10pm and tweet out the latest message. If you remain in the top 100 when all is said and done, your Galaxy Nexus will be guaranteed to arrive on the 8th. 'Course, given the amount of interest circulating around the phone, it's probably best if you're on the site ready to get your Tweet at 9:59am. Check out the press release for the deets.

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Galaxy Nexus Pre-orders

And starting today, customers can pre-order the year's most anticipated superphone at or, starting at $159.95 on a three year term.

Bell Twitter Line-up

For those who want to ensure they're first to have Galaxy Nexus, the Bell Twitter Line-up runs from 10am to 10pm EST on December 1. Believed to be a first of its kind online purchasing opportunity, the Bell Twitter Line-up guarantees 100 eligible people a Galaxy Nexus shipped to their address on launch day December 8.

Simply log-in between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. on December 1 and sign-up to get a pre-populated Tweet and secure place in the virtual line. Places 1 to 100 need to return to the page once every hour before 10 p.m. and send out the latest tweet. When completed successfully, Bell will get in touch on shipping and other arrangements.

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About Galaxy Nexus by Samsung

Galaxy Nexus by Samsung has a stunning 4.65" (11.8cm) HD SuperAMOLED display and is the world's first mobile device to come with Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich" – the new version of Google's wildly popular mobile Android platform. It's the hottest superphone of the holiday season, available only from Bell Mobility and Virgin Mobile Canada.

New features of Galaxy Nexus include:

· "Face Unlock", allowing customers to unlock their device simply by looking at it

· "Android Beam" for fast and easy sharing of web pages, apps, and YouTube videos

· "People app", which lets customers browse friends, family, and coworkers, see their photos in high-resolution, and check status updates from Google+ and other social networks