Hackers attempt to access AT&T customer records, prompts millions to Rethink Passwords

See that door above? Well, a few fellas who know their ones and zeroes appear to have gotten close to busting down its virtual equivalent, AT&T admitted in an email to customers this morning. It turns out that hackers were hard at work trying to access online account information, but we were told by company reps that the carrier discovered the attempt and shut it down before any security breach occurred. According to the company:

We recently detected what could have been an organized attempt to obtain information on a number of customer accounts. The people in question appear to have used "auto script" technology to determine whether AT&T telephone numbers were linked to online AT&T accounts. No accounts were breached and our investigation is ongoing to determine the source or intent of the attempt to gather this information. In the meantime, out of an abundance of caution, we are advising the account holders involved.

The incident is eerily reminiscent of similar attacks made against the carrier last year that revealed the email addresses of 114,000 iPad owners. The person responsible was found and arrested, and AT&T is promising to investigate today's matter in a similar fashion. Spokesperson Mark Siegel mentioned this morning that less than one percent of subscribers were targeted by the attack -- but hey, that means only a million people were targeted. No biggie, right?