Windows Phone Marketplace inches over 40,000 app mark

Windows Phone continues to shore up its app and game selection, hitting 40,000 apps in just over a year since its inception. Granted, there's still plenty of catching up to do before Microsoft's third way can go toe-to-toe with Android and iOS, but it's another (substantial) step in the right direction. According to All About Windows Phone, new content is now being added at the heady rate of around 165 apps per day, although it notes that a chunk of previously released apps are now non-existent, subtracting around 5,000 from the scores we have here. However, app devs have cranked it up a gear, adding around the same amount of new apps in only the last month -- presumably galvanized by Nokia's much-publicized WinPho debut and other Mango-powered delights arriving in stores. Will it crack the 50k mark by the end of the year? We're sure Mr. Ballmer won't be betting against it.

[Image credit: Jim Merithew/]