The Grablet: A comfortable and versatile iPad accessory (Updated)

Are you fed up with uncomfortable and stiff cases that are designed to let you hold your iPad with one hand while you do work? Would you like to have a way to hold that iPad securely but still use your Smart Cover? How about being able to hang your iPad from the back of a car seat, or use it as a kneeboard? Normally you'd buy a number of iPad cases to do all of these things, but the Grablet (US$39.99) can do just about everything on its own.


You'll notice that in the headline for this post, I didn't call the Grablet an iPad case. That's because it's really not a case; instead, it's an accessory for holding the iPad in a number of ways.

If you're looking for a protective case, then this is not the product for you. If, on the other hand, you want a versatile way to hold, strap, or hang your iPad to something, you're going to love the Grablet.

The Grablet securely snaps onto your iPad, but is easy to take off as well. It comes in a dozen colors, so regardless of what your personal favorite hue is, you're probably going to find something that's close to what you want.


I won't go into all of the details of how to the Grablet can be used, as there's a video at the end of this post that does a much better job of that. Let it suffice to say that it is as versatile and easy to set up as the video indicates.

[We've covered one-handed cases from TKO and Sleeve360 before, for comparison's sake.]


For $40, this is probably one of the most functional iPad accessories I've tested to date. Want to hang your iPad on the wall? Don't spend a hundred bucks or more on one of the mounting kits out there. Just put a hook on the wall, slap the Grablet on the back of your iPad, add the hand wrap with the metal ring, and slip it onto the hook. Done.

Likewise, you could spend a lot more for an in-car mount that has a single use. Here, you just loosen the straps a bit, slip the Grablet and iPad over your car headrest, and then cinch the straps again.

The Grablet is also the most comfortable way I've found to hold an iPad with one hand. As I mentioned in the intro to this review, I've had it with full cases that put stiff plastic and Velcro together to make a really uncomfortable hand strap. The Grablet, at least for me, was adjustable enough to let me


I'm giving the Grablet a double thumbs-up! This is a great idea for a holiday gift as well, so if you know an iPad owner who has whined about not being able to comfortably hold onto their tablet, you've got the perfect answer.

Update: The wonderful folks at Grablet have offered TUAW readers a 10% discount on the accessory. Use coupon code GRABLET14 at checkout to get your discount.