HTC G1 gets a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich (video)

Even though Ice Cream Sandwich is popping up everywhere since its source code was released to the public, we've got to give a shout out now that its been squeezed onto the original Google phone, HTC's G1. The G1 was last seen sporting an unofficial Honeycomb port, and now jcarrz1 from XDA-Developers is showing off his device running Android 4.0 in this video. So far the touchscreen is (slowly) working, along with all apps and "ICS goodies", though WiFi, Bluetooth and rotation are still out. That's a nice effort for a device that some said wouldn't see any versions past 1.5, so press play and witness the unholy fusion of Android's past and present working all at once, or hit the source link below to grab the alpha release for yourself.