Piper Jaffray reports on Apple's impressive Black Friday sales (Updated)

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As reported by Philip Elmer-DeWitt at Fortune's Apple 2.0 column, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster crunched his Black Friday sales numbers and found that Macs and iPads were popular gifts. Munster estimated the Apple store(s) he surveyed sold about 10.1 Macs per hour and 14.8 iPads per hour. This is a 23% increase in Mac sales and a 68% increase in iPad sales year over year.

Munster also counted the foot traffic and found that retail store(s) in this survey averaged about 544 people per hour. The Piper Jaffray analyst and his team collected these numbers by standing in the retail store(s) and counting people and products as they left.

Another report suggests the iPhone 4S sold equally well overseas. Deutsche Bank's Chris Whitmore polled local Apple stores and found that 75% had sold their entire inventory of the 4S on Black Friday. These stores were quickly replenished and, 30% of stores were sold out again the next day. Quarterly numbers won't be available until January, but these early reports suggest Apple is starting strong this holiday quarter.

Updated the Piper Jaffray report section with the word store(s). Business Insider reports that Munster and his team surveyed "Apple stores", while Fortune said Munster was in a store.

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