Lenovo launches LePad S2005, a 5-inch Gingerbread tabletphone for China

You may recall that last week we had a cheeky peek at Lenovo's upcoming tabletphone, and now our brethren at Engadget Chinese are actually touching one in Beijing! Dubbed the LePad S2005 in China (and to be branded under the IdeaTab series elsewhere), this Android 2.3.5 slate packs a 5-inch 800 x 480 LTPS display with 178-degree viewing angle (but same resolution as the Dell Streak 5's LCD, sadly), a Qualcomm dual-core 1.2GHz chip, 1GB RAM, a five megapixel 1080p imager on the back, a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera and a 1,680mAh battery. In terms of connectivity and expansion we have a micro-USB port, micro-HDMI port and HSPA+ radio (so it's ready for China Unicom's network). All of this is packaged in a 9.95mm-thick body, weighing a total of 198g. Just as thick as the Streak 5 but lighter, even with the slightly larger battery capacity.

There aren't any prices just yet, but given that this device is entering the Chinese market in two days' time, it won't be a long wait for those obsessed with tabletphones (and speaking of which, it's rather odd that Lenovo's marketing this as a tablet rather than a phone). Stay tuned for our hands-on photos.