Fiesta Online whips up a creamy browser version

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|11.30.11

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Fiesta Online whips up a creamy browser version
Fiesta Online
With a current playerbase of over five million users, you'd think that Outspark would be plenty happy with Fiesta Online as it is. However, the publisher has decided that there are more steps it could be taking to widen the accessibility for this free-to-play title, and as such, the devs are preparing a new version of Fiesta Online that you can play in your browser.

Coming this winter, the Fiesta Online browser edition will access the full game that current players experience. Players will be able to log onto either the browser or standard client and interact in the same game.

Outspark says that this is only the first part of greater changes coming to the game. Outspark CEO Philip Yun says this is all about giving its customers more choice: "With such a large fan following we hear plenty of opinions on what players want. In preparation for more content coming in the future, we wanted to provide old and new players more ways to enjoy and play their favorite MMO."

[Source: Outspark press release]
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