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Google looks to compete with Amazon Prime, offer speedy delivery service in 2012

You ordered a nifty thing. Now the nifty thing has to make your day by arriving. Then you'll have your nifty thing and a warm and nifty feeling inside. Evidently, Google's following this very line of thinking, as it appears to be in talks with various retailers and shippers to create a service that lets customers receive their wares within 24 to 48 hours. According to sources cited by the Wall Street Journal, the company's effort is motivated by the success of Amazon's Prime service, which allows customers to receive many purchased items within a day or two for an annual fee of $79. Google, in turn, has apparently pitched the project to retailers such as Macy's, Gap and OfficeMax. Under the proposed system, when shoppers place an order on an affiliate's website, Google's system could kick in to offer them an option for same-day or possibly next-day delivery, said a person familiar with the matter. Sources indicated that Google plans to start a pilot test of the service in the San Francisco Bay Area sometime in 2012, which -- by then -- we'll have far more serious issues to deal with than tracking numbers.