Insert Coin: ODDIO1 straps an iPod shuffle to your head, makes you inexplicably cooler

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Micro music players like the iPod shuffle are great when you're shredding the powder, but long cords can be a health hazard, even in the office -- if one wraps itself 'round your coffee mug, you risk having twelve ounces of hot liquid landing in your lap. Designers Jeremy Saxton & Jacob Hall have developed the ODDIO1, a pair of headphones that do away with all that unnecessary cabling -- holstering the shuffle on the right earpiece. If you're interested in getting your hands on a pair of these infuriatingly simple yet elegant cans, ride on past the break to find out more.

Hall and Oates Saxton's rationale behind ODDIO1 is simple -- a super-light, comfortable pair of headphones (nylon plastic outer shell and soft high-grade silicone inside) that you can use when you're taking things to the extreme. The pair has a good pedigree, too: they've been turning out designs for Nike, HP and Nokia for the last decade. They've done the hard work so all you have to do is strap the shuffle inside the holster, stick it on your head and rock those tunes like your life depends upon it.

Let's be honest, this ain't exactly rocket science here, the ODDIO1 packs a pair of 30mm dynamic audio drivers, has an adjustable headband and comes in three colors -- grey / black, black / blue and black / pink (oddly, the coolest pair of the three). Because the headphone jack is still accessible, you can sync your shuffle with iTunes without having to tear it out of its holster.

Currently the project has $2,168 toward a planned $45,000 goal -- which is required to buy the production tooling and further development of the device. The aim is that the 'phones will retail for $50 when they reach general sale, but only $35 if you pledge now (two pairs for $65 and three for $95). Throwing in $200 will get you the trifecta of regular headsets, a limited edition white version, t-shirt and iPod shuffle in the color of your choice. If you wanna get donating, head on down to our source link to deliver your hard-earned into the hands of these gentlemen.

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