T-Mobile G2x gets its Gingerbread on (again), hopes it sticks

The G2x just can't seem to quit Gingerbread. After a series of upgrade starts and stops, LG is once again offering an OTA software upgrade for this pure Google experience device. The update started rolling out to handsets yesterday, but those impatient to part with FroYo can always opt for a manual install via the company's site. If you'll recall, the one-time T-Mobile flagship's woes began shortly after its launch, when complaints of random reboots, overheating and poor battery life overtook dedicated forums. Yet despite promises that Android 2.3 would hit "soon" to address these issues, frustrated owners were instead treated to an on again / off again melodrama of scheduled releases. Now, as we totter on the brink of 2012 and an Ice Cream Sandwich future, this drawn-out saga appears to be reaching some form of closure.