Fuji Xerox launches $45 a month Dropbox clone

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Fuji Xerox launches $45 a month Dropbox clone
Fuji Xerox is launching a Dropbox-esque cloud service that lets colleagues send, receive, share and print documents with colleagues to tie in with its new range of multifunction printers. The Working Folder service will be able to use a virtual filing cabinet to access documents online or via dedicated Windows, Mac, Android and iOS apps. The service launches in Japan on December 12th and will cost business owners $45 a month to get 10 users access to 10GB of storage -- with the option to spend more if they feel the need to splash the cash.
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Promotes New Work Styles by Cloud-Based Document Sharing and Its Linkage With Multifunction Devices and Software

Introducing Working Folder and DocuWorks 7.3

TOKYO, December 6, 2011 - On December 12, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. will release Working Folder--a cloud-based online document sharing service with monthly charge--and DocuWorks 7.3 Japanese Edition--the latest cloud-compatible version of document handling software.

Working Folder enables users to send, receive or share documents in offices or mobile environment, allowing them an access to information anytime and anywhere. It contributes to swift decision-making and streamlining business operations by providing a space for seamless utilization and distribution of documents that are used in group work within an organization or between corporations.

Provides a document sharing environment by linking with multifunction devices
Working Folder directly links with Fuji Xerox multifunction devices. Users can print out a shared document on the cloud with simple operations on the device's control panel, or scan a new document for immediate sharing on the cloud. As Fuji Xerox operates and administrates the data center for Working Folder, users do not have to handle either the system operation or administration, and do not need initial investments for introducing the server system, allowing easy introduction of the system and reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Supports new work styles by realizing intra- and inter-company collaboration and linking with mobile devices
By setting up a shared drawer in Working Folder, users can upload, browse or download documents to and from the cloud, not only within the company but also with registered external members. The service provides a solution to the challenge of the document sharing in a joint project involving multiple companies, and facilitates efficient business collaboration. Users can also utilize an iPhone / iPad app to upload, browse or downloadNote1 documents stored in Working Folder with their iPhone or iPad while away from the office. In addition, Net PrintNote2, Fuji Xerox's existing service, allows users to print out a downloaded file outside of the office, realizing the information sharing while mobile working without location constraints.

Links with the cloud-compatible DocuWorks 7.3 to transform and streamline work processes
DocuWorks Desk of DocuWorks 7.3 serves as an access gateway to Working Folder for uploading or downloading documents with simple drag and drop operations. Also, users can build an environment for paperless fax reception by linking it to a multifunction device. The device converts a received fax message into a DocuWorks file and automatically stores it on Working Folder. Mobile workers can view the fax on their iPhones or iPads and edit itNote1. Thus, this software linkage eliminates a series of tasks handled manually–converting the fax and uploading it to the server. With no additional server required, it transforms the traditional workflow for received faxes, streamlines the office work, and reduces costs.
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