New InPulse Smartwatch puts apps on your wrist, on sale now for $150

It must be tradition, or an old charter, or something, that means any device must get an app store -- and Allerta won't argue with history. There's a new version of the hacker-friendly inPulse Smartwatch, a wrist-computer that pairs with (most) BlackBerry and (some) Android phones. This time around, you'll find beefier construction and any number of watchapps that include different watch faces and a presenter app that lets you control PowerPoint presentations as you pretend you're Bob from ReBoot. Android users with any Nexus (Galaxy, S, One), Motorola or Cyanogen Mod-cracked phone can pair the device to their blower -- HTC and Samsung use an incompatible Bluetooth stack, sadly. It's available from the inPulse store for $150 right now and we're sure you can think of someone who would want one for Christmas (hint: it's us).