Halo Waypoint hits iOS, Android and Windows Phone on Dec 10, ATLAS 'GPS' is $4.99

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Halo Waypoint hits iOS, Android and Windows Phone on Dec 10, ATLAS 'GPS' is $4.99
Microsoft wants to make sure that you're thinking Xbox even when you're far away from your Xbox. First, the My Xbox Live and Xbox Companion apps debuted on the iOS App Store and Windows Phone Marketplace, respectively. And now we've got Halo Waypoint for iOS, Android and, of course, Windows Phone 7. And while Waypoint will pack the expected Halo: Reach stats, service record, and challenges, the ATLAS "companion experience" is a little more unique.

As we reported in October, ATLAS is short for Assisted Tactical Assault System and it's a "near-real-time player data and tactical guidance" supplement for your Halo: Reach multiplayer matches. What does that mean? Detailed maps of the game's multiplayer levels, including boring stuff like spawn and health pack locations, and the cool stuff like "near-real-time locations for weapons and vehicles." That means GPS-like pinpointing of your location while you play the game. You can find more data direct from Xbox at the Source link below.

There is one catch, however: While Waypoint will be free for all three platforms on December 10, ATLAS will run iOS and Android users $4.99 while Windows Phone 7 users get something to gloat about, with the app's $0 asking price.
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