Innergie Magic cables wed USB and 30-pin connections, let you break 'em up on the fly

Joe Pollicino
J. Pollicino|12.08.11

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Innergie Magic cables wed USB and 30-pin connections, let you break 'em up on the fly
Apple's 30-pin connection got you feeling down in a world filled with USB? Wish your iDevice cable worked with more of your gizmos? Fret not, as Innergie recently introduced its effort to solve this dilemma with its Magic Cables. The idea is simple, one end is fitted with a standard connector and the opposite side terminates into a mini-USB plug that can be fitted with different tips. Twenty bucks will snag you the Duo variant with a 30-pin adapter and for $5 more you can pick up the Trio if you also need a micro-USB tip. All told, we're not sure that keeping track of minuscule adapters will prove much better than having a few cables, but if you're ready to consolidate your cords it may be worth a shot. Full press release just past the break.

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Innovative Innergie Magic Cables Integrate USB and Apple Tips to Charge iPad / iPhone / iPod and 10,000 Other Portable Devices with a Single Cable

Three New Charging Kits Provide Power to All Portable Devices Everywhere You Go

FREMONT, Calif., Nov 30, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Innergie, the world's leading provider of innovative consumer power solutions, is introducing two new power cables that are certified for use with all iOS portable devices including iPad, iPhone, and iPod, as well as more than 10,000 other portable devices with USB connections. Innergie's unique Magic Cable Duo and Trio provide consumers with the only portable charging cable they will ever need for all their portable electronic devices. In addition, Innergie is introducing three distinct Charging Kits for powering devices at home, in the office, in your car, in the air, or just about anywhere else life takes you.

Magic Cable features a convenient, integrated multi-tip design to charge and synchronize any number of electronic devices including Apple's entire line of portable iOS devices, Android and Blackberry Smartphones, and virtually any other device that uses USB as its power connector. The Magic Cable Duo integrates a certified Apple tip and Micro USB tip in one cable, while the Magic Cable Trio provides an additional Mini USB tip to charge digital cameras, MP3 players, and a variety of portable GPS devices.

"Innergie's Magic Cable Duo and Trio power cables are the only power cable solution consumers will need to charge nearly every portable device they own, including their iPhone, iPad, and iPod," explains Tom Atkinson, Senior Director of Americas at Innergie. "The Magic Cable Duo will also be included in Innergie's new Charging Kits, which allows devices to be charged at home, in the office, in the car, on the plane, or anywhere consumers travel. Customers will never have to worry about carrying multiple individual power cables and adapters for each device. The Innergie Charging Kits with Magic Cable Duo, are lightweight, compact for added convenience, making the kits ideal for people on the move."

Innergie's Magic Cable Duo will also be included in a series of new Charging Kits designed to provide charging capabilities for today's mobile consumer. Innergie power products are designed to offer customers the best balance of performance, reliability, and compatibility to deliver energy efficient power adapters that reduce power loss, use less power, and do not impact the battery life of a consumer's portable device.

The new Innergie mCombo Duo Charging Kits will be available in three configurations including:
1) mCombo Duo Travel Charging Kit with mMini AC 15 dual USB wall adapter, mMini DC10 dual USB Auto adapter, and the Magic Cable Duo

2) mCombo Duo USB Charging Kit with mMini AC 15 dual USB wall adapter and the Magic Cable Duo

3) mCombo Duo Car Charging Kit with mMini DC 10 dual USB auto adapter and the Magic Cable Duo

The Magic Cable Duo and Trio, as well as the mCombo Duo Charging Kits are currently available through online resellers and retailers nationwide and will have the following suggested list prices:
mMini $ 49.99
Combo Duo Travel Charging Kit (AC15+DC10+MCD)
mMini $ 39.99
Combo Duo USB Charging Kit (AC15+MCD)
mMini $ 34.99
Combo Duo Car Charging Kit (DC10+MCD)
Magic $ 24.99
Cable Duo
Magic $ 19.99
Cable Trio
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