Lucky shoppers pick up Verizon Galaxy Nexus early at Best Buy

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Well, this is just a tease. It was bad enough when the original December 9th release date was pushed back to some undetermined point in time. And then our neighbors to the north got their own version. Now a few lucky shoppers have managed to their hands on the Verizon edition of the Galaxy Nexus and, chances are, you're not one of them. It looks like at least one Best Buy didn't get the memo that the Nexus debut had been postponed. Sean Bates was able to stroll in to the big box retailer and snag himself an little slice of Ice Cream Sandwich and offered a photo of the receipt as evidence. Another forum user, who goes by the name dubya.t also managed to get his mitts on one and posted his own pics showing some of the Big Red branded apps. Sadly, you probably won't be able go drop $300 on your own LTE-equipped Android 4.0 handset and we're not any closer to finding out exactly when it'll officially hit the market.

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