SWTOR: So you want to play a Sith Warrior

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|12.12.11

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SWTOR: So you want to play a Sith Warrior
SWTOR - The Sith Warrior
No class embodies the Sith philosophy so completely as the Sith Warrior. Inquisitors hide and scheme, but Warriors let their passion run rampant. It's not that they lack in subtlety, merely that they are capable of channeling their passion into destructive force so effortlessly that careful manipulation is often unnecessary. In the army of the Sith Empire, they are the lords and the commanders, the highest aspirations of those with Force sensitivity, and the natural-born masters of nearly everyone else.

Sith Warriors are correspondingly limited in their options on the field. They can tear apart armies or hold said armies off single-handed, but they certainly can't help patch the wounds of their comrades. But the whole class philosophy is built around the best defense being a strong offense, and the plethora of Force abilities and agile lightsaber strikes in the Warrior's arsenal give you several options while you're breaking everything that stands before you. It's a talent that comes in handy as you progress through the class questline, a story of expectations, betrayal, and the survival instincts necessary for someone to be a true Sith.

Starting out

When your Warrior lands on Korriban, you learn quickly that you're really not even supposed to be there just yet. Overseer Tremel, one of the instructors of young Sith, has brought you to the planet ahead of schedule and is throwing you on a ridiculously accelerated training course in order to head off a recruit he doesn't want to see succeed. That means that you're going to be flung into the deep end and pitted against trainees with much more experience. Succeed, and you will find yourself as the apprentice to a powerful Sith lord. Fail, and you can fuel someone else's rise to greatness.

If it's not clear enough, the world of the Sith is a dog-eat-dog environment, meaning that you'll need plenty of passion to keep going in battle. This is reflected mechanically via Rage, which starts out empty and slowly builds a few points at a time via combat. Using certain abilities, such as Force Charge and Assault, builds up your Rage. Everything else spends it, with several Rage-cost abilities stunning or disabling weaker enemies outright.

Advanced roles

Once you hit level 10, you should have emerged from the infighting of Korriban triumphant... and you'll definitely be able to select your advanced class. Sith Warriors can choose whether to further their mastery of single-lightsaber combat with the Juggernaut, or they can turn to dual-saber combat via the Marauder. As with other classes, your choice is permanent, although there are plenty of different specialties available with both.

The Juggernaut masters the Soresu and Shien forms of combat, allowing him the option of switching between an aggressive attack stance or a balanced defensive approach. He also dons the heaviest possible armor, making himself a true monster on the battlefield. If you prefer the single-lightsaber approach and the option of tanking as a Warrior, then the Juggernaut is for you.

Marauders, meanwhile, wield paired lightsabers and master the Juyo and Ataru forms of combat, excelling in a variety of different approaches toward decimating opponents. Some focus on the the steady build-up of Juyo form, while others prefer the sudden flurry of strikes that come from the Ataru form. If you like to pair your weapons and slice everything around you to ribbons, the Marauder is clearly the better pick.

Final thoughts

The Sith Warrior can be a bit fragile alone and a bit limited by its absolute need to get into melee range. Once you master the class, however, you can see just how destructive a Sith lord can be in close combat. Whichever specialization you take, you'll be able to move across a battlefield swiftly and split your opponents apart once you close distance.

The key to success in your quests is to remember that simple destruction is not the only thing you must master. Be subtle. Recognize the importance of allies, and balance your approach. Take moments to rest when you need them, and unleash your fury in a torrent when the time comes, so that none can stand before you.

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