Wings Over Atreia: Solorius medley

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|12.12.11

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Wings Over Atreia:  Solorius medley
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It's simply inescapable: Everywhere I go, I am inundated with tunes invoking the holiday spirit. It started a while ago, and I thought I had artfully dodged it by turning off the radio, avoiding stores, and just keeping immersed in game. But now, even when I log into Aion I cannot escape; just one quick port into Sanctum or Pandemonium and the tinkling tunes of the season waft to my ears. So why fight it, why resist? Heck, why not join in the throngs of holiday revelers by belting out the songs while shopping, entertaining guests, or even cruising through the drive-through? After all, I am not a Grinch, just a gamer. And the last thing we need is people thinking Aion negatively influences our lives, right?

Solorius is just around the corner, so in the spirit of giving, I am going to share with you a compilation of some of my favorite holiday tunes because I want to be in the spirit and I want to help spread the cheer! Well, that and because of the old adage that the only way to get rid of a tune that's stuck in your head is to pass it on.

So fold your wings, grab some 'nog, and join me past the cut for a little Duel-tide spirit! And don't be shy -- sing along! (No one's listening, I promise.)

Aion screenshot
It's beginning to look

It's beginning to look a lot like Solorius, everywhere you go.
Take a look in Pandemonium, glistening once again,
With candy canes and Daeva wings aglow.
It's beginning to look a lot like Solorius, garlands on the doors,
But the prettiest sight you see is the enemy that will be
Laying dead on the floor!
Swords that dice and daggers that slice
Are the wishes of Templar and Sin.
Manastones that slot (and we mean a lot)
Are the hopes of Cleric and SM.
And Ranger and Glad can hardly wait for Chaos to pop again!
It's beginning to look a lot like Solorius, everywhere you go.
There's a tree in Sanctum as well; wait, are you kidding, what the...
The trees above are filled with twinkling lights?
It's beginning to look a lot like Solorius, soon the arena will start.
And the thing that will make Daevas grin, is the tokens that they win
As they stab you in the heart!

We wish you

We wish you a merry deathblow;
We wish you a merry deathblow;
We wish you a merry deathblow and a general kill too!
Good tidings we bring, to you and your group;
Good tidings of loots drops and a general kill too!

Aion screenshot
Flapping wings

Dashing through the Abyss
While a siege is taking place
To the forts we go
Flying all the way
See a red dot on radar
Make a slight detour
Stab and blast and then you win
when they fight no more!

Flapping wings, flapping wings,
flying all the day
Let's go hunt in the Abyss
Oh look! One got away!
Singe those wings, singe those wings
Falling to his death
Oh what fun it is to hunt
Until my final breath!

A day or two ago
I thought I'd try to craft
So I emptied out my cube
And gathered all the mats
Grabbed myself a book
Bought some fuel as well
Clicked the "craft all" button there
And hoped I wouldn't fail.

Flapping wings, flapping wings
Flying all the day
Someone's hunting me this time
Oh whew! I got away!
Oh that stinks, I dropped my wings
Falling to my death
Oh what fun it is to hunt
Until my final breath!

Aion screenshot
Gramma got run over

Gramma got run over by an Asmo!
Walking home from Besh on Solorius Eve.
You can say there's no such thing as PvP,
But as for me and grampa, we believe!

She'd forgot to drink her potions,
Didn't even pop one scroll.
She was taken by surprise there,
And slower reflexes really took their toll.

When we found her at the obelisk,
She was dazed from the attack.
She had black feathers in her hairnet
And many arrows still stuck in her back!

Gramma got run over by an Asmo!
Walking home from Besh on Solorius Eve.
You can say there's no such thing as PvP,
But as for me and grampa, we believe!

Aion screenshot
The Solorius song

Elyos stepping in the line of fire,
Jackk Frosst PKing from below,
Solorius carols being sung at funeral pyres,
And folks dressed in new gear from head to toe.

Everybody knows a carebear and some focus fire,
Help to make the kill count high.
Tiny Sorcs with their tomes all aglow,
Will find it hard to dodge tonight.

They know that melees are on their way,
With silence and para godstones to ruin their day.
And every Daeva's wish when they fly,
Is to see the enemy fall out of the sky.

So I'm offering you this simple phrase,
To Daevas from level one to fifty-five,
However you do it, many times, many ways,
Kill them first and stay alive!

Aion screenshot
Here come Elyos

Here come Elyos, here come Elyos,
Right down Inggison lane!
Ranger and Templar and all their group-mates,
Coming forth to train!
Mobs are chasing, clerics racing,
It's such a funny ol' sight,
Clear the path, yes step aside,
Cause Elyos comin' on by!

Here come Elyos, here come Elyos,
Right down Inggison lane!
Half the group is dead by now,
The other half is lame!
Health is dropping, that Chanter's flopping,
Think one will make it alive?
Don't make a bet, they ain't there yet,
Cause Elyos gonna die!

Aion screenshot
'Twas the night before

(Although not a song, who can ignore the tremendous impact of our most cherished holiday stories? So in conclusion, I leave this classic poem with you:)

'Twas the night before TOR and all through Atreia
Plenty were stirring, yes even the Daeva.
Stealthed Sins in Chaos hung in the air,
In hopes than an enemy soon would fly near.

The Templars UD then pound enemies dead,
While visions of AP danced in their heads.
But my friend with his bloodlust and I in new gear,
Ventured forth in Atreia to PvP in the new year.

Silentera was first, Gelkmaros was next,
Patrolling for enemies, but we were to be vexed;
No enemies were found on this lonely night,
No red dots at all! What a terrible sight!

Perhaps it's too late and they've all gone to bed,
So back to Inggison we quickly head.
When what to our wondering eyes do appear,
But red dots galore. They were all over here!

Kill number one, then two, three, four, and five.
Miracle of miracles, I'm still alive!
Oops not for long now, as their numbers swell,
The next death was mine, I'm sure you could tell.

Their numbers still grew, so PvP was done,
But there many more way to have our fun.
Fail crucible first? Or shall we stay and fight?
We can start at the beginning, I have all night.

We also could Besh, make an alt or two;
If you mentor me, I'll mentor you!
Long live Fire Temple, NTC, and Steel Rake,
If we reroll now, how long will it take?

Hunting the lands, cubes filled with loot galore.
Up on the broker it goes. Oh nice, I sold more!
I'll craft just a bit, maybe make us some scrolls
(I openly admit this part's a bit droll).

The arenas are open, wait why is the sun up so soon?
You can't be serious, it's already noon?!
So little time and so much to do!
Instances, arenas, and roleplaying, too.

Guess I played all night, 'spose I'll just play all day.
Other games? Real Life? Pfft -- in Aion I'll stay
Alongside my friends, both dark-winged and light.
I wish many deathblows to all, and to all a good fight!

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