iOS-controlled Top Brewer coffee maker is a thing to behold

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Rejoice, o ye iPhone and iPad-toting coffee addicts with fat wallets! Just when you thought that there was nothing new under the sun to create the perfect cup of joe, Scanomat brings the Top Brewer to the market.

The Top Brewer is a high-end coffee machine that uses an iOS app to control brewing. Most of the hardware for the brewer is hidden under a countertop, meaning that all you see is a spigot, a drain, and a touch panel for those times when your coffee jitters have caused you to drop your iPhone.

The Top Brewer was demonstrated at the recent HOST hospitality show in Milan, Italy, where many top baristas gave the coffee-brewing juggernaut top ratings. Those who own more than one Top Brewer can control multiple machines simultaneously via the app's favorites screen. It gives you control all of your machines in one view, so you can be churning out a variety of drinks with a few taps, conducting a team of invisible baristas.

This may be the start of something big. Perhaps your local coffee shop will install a team of Top Brewers and let you order your coffee drink just the way you like it from your iPhone or iPad while you stand in line to pay for the beverage. There's no price tag for the Top Brewer yet, but it's probably going to be targeted at high-end homes and to the hospitality industry.

[via Gizmodo]

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