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Skype for Android adds support for sharing photos, video and other files

Just in time to really annoy your family and friends with holiday greetings, Skype for Android has updated to version 2.6, bringing with it support for sharing photos, videos and other files with your contacts. Being able to quickly transfer pics of your gifts and clips of children tearing into meticulously wrapped presents to people on your buddy list is just the most notable change to the VoIP client. Plenty of other tweaks have taken place, even if they're primarily under the hood. For one, video quality has improved specifically on devices running NVIDIA's Tegra 2. A bunch more phones have also been added to the app's whitelist, including Motorola's latest super-phones the Droid RAZR and Droid 4. You can head on over to the Android Market now to get the latest Skype update.