Verizon's Galaxy Nexus hitting Costco on December 15? (update: VZW stores too)

That elusive Samsung Galaxy Nexus is still heading to Verizon, believe it or not, and we may actually be nearing the end of our frustrating quest to get our hands on one. While we're still waiting for an official announcement from Big Red itself, the inaugural Ice Cream Sandwich device has shown up in Costco's internal pricing guides with a starting date of December 15th -- a mere two days away. It's priced at $290 with a two-year commitment, which is exactly the same as what we'd originally heard a month ago. Keep in mind that since Costco is an authorized retailer for Verizon, its release date may vary from the official website and corporate-owned stores; that said, we're sure hoping we can waltz into a store somewhere -- anywhere -- and pick one up this Thursday.

[Thanks, Anonymous]

Update: Thanks to another anonymous tipster, who sent us a screenshot from an internal VZW store computer, it looks like Big Red will be rolling out the Galaxy Nexus on the 15th, too. Not only that, but the alabaster Droid RAZR will land on the same day. Proof's in the photo after the break.