Lenovo IdeaPad U300s ready for online pre-order, price puts on some winter weight

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Lenovo's been keeping itself busy in the battle of the Ultrabooks, and now its 13-inch IdeaPad U300s is up for pre-order. Unfortunately, since our review, the price tag looks to have been burdened by an extra $200 so that it's now just under $1,300 -- and that includes a special online discount. With the likes of the MacBook Air and ASUS' Zenbook UX31 jostling for your skinny laptop affections at lower entry-level prices, that extra chunk of change could make the U300s' shortcomings -- like the lack of an SD slot -- even more of an issue. If you're willing to overlook those and hold on until the December 19 shipping date, you can stake your claim to an IdeaPad at the pre-order link below.

[Thanks Jay]

Update: We're seeing Lenovo has made changes to the product page, with only the top-end U300s appearing on the site at the moment. Having covered Lenovo for years, we know the company has a habit of removing models that have sold out, and re-listing them when more are available, so we wouldn't be surprised if that lower-end model surfaces again in the near future.
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