NCsoft answers questions on Aion's F2P transition

Screenshot -- Aion

NCsoft announced earlier today that it has partnered up with Gameforge to transition Aion Europe to a F2P model. Now Gamespot UK has a new question-and-answer session with NCsoft that explains a bit about the reasons behind the transition. For instance, what can players expect when Aion goes F2P, considering it already had a cash shop to begin with? In the F2P version, the shop will be accessible from inside the game itself, allowing players to make purchases on the fly instead of exiting the game to do so.

Gamespot also asks the company's opinion on the ongoing F2P-vs.-subscription war. The company believes that "more and more games will directly launch into a free-to-play business model in the future," but for now it's also "shown that transitioning to free-to-play has become a valid option to extend a game's life cycle." For the full Q&A, head click on over to Gamespot UK.