DarkEden returns from the grave with Ignited Games' help

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|12.15.11

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DarkEden returns from the grave with Ignited Games' help
Long before recorded history, there was a race of vampires who were like, "Man, we should totally make a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game starring us!" Unfortunately, that wasn't to be the case for centuries until DarkEden came along in 1997 in South Korea, but even then North American players would have a while to wait to sink their fangs into it. After an aborted 2008 launch, Ignited Games is finally launching DarkEden as "the world's first free-to-play vampire MMO" here in the States.

Ignited Games CEO Peter Kang hopes that the isometric MMO will appeal to those looking for a well-established throwback: "DarkEden offers online gamers a nostalgic journey to the classic era of MMORPGs. The game's macabre setting invites fans of vampire-centric movies and lore to experience the style of gameplay that launched an entire genre of online gaming."

As part of the launch celebration, DarkEden is hosting several events and promotions including handing out starter packs to anyone who joins by January 11th, a "Bible War" contest, a Christmas Stocking Hunt, and a merry chase to capture Rudolph. Seeing as how the population of the game is made up of vampires, we are a little worried for Rudolph's eventual fate, but such is afterlife.

Ignited Games did not wipe characters from the second closed beta, and those toons have already made the transition to launch.
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