Ice Cream Sandwich alpha released for Xperia trio, is Sony Ericsson's '143' to the dev community (video)

Sony Ericsson has a clear stance on the Android dev community: one love. In what is, apparently, a first for the company, an alpha ROM of its in-development Ice Cream Sandwich port is available for install across a trio of unlocked Xperia devices -- the arc S, neo V and ray. But hold your horses on that download trigger finger, this early build is only for "advanced developers" and quite a few features, like Google apps, WiFi, Bluetooth, voice, FM radio and ANT+, simply aren't functional. In other words, don't depend on this as your daily driver, but do dive deep if you know what you're doing and want a peek at Google's soon-to-be ubiquitous OS upgrade. Head on over to the source below for the cautionary how-to and remember to flash at your own risk.