TouchWizzed Ice Cream Sandwich leaks for Samsung Galaxy S II (video)

Like to dabble in the dark arts of smartphone ROM flashing? Got a Samsung Galaxy S II? Well, get ready to weigh up the pros and cons, because here's another tempting slice of Ice Cream Sandwich. A leaked version of Android 4.0.1 firmware has appeared, replete with TouchWiz, adding a hefty dose of credence to the release. Granted, this means it's not a vanilla filling in this Ice Cream Sandwich, and according to Sammobile's video run-through, Samsung's own UI skin looks to be present throughout the handset. As expected, the phone functions with the built-in capacitive buttons instead of the onscreen replacements seen on the Galaxy Nexus. Due to both this and the TouchWiz customizations, on the surface it's all looking pretty similar to the Gingerbread Galaxy S II, albeit with all the slick features of 4.0. The leak is tempered with a warning, though; Due to its non-stock nature, your phone will adjust its custom counter if you install, which will void your warranty. However, if you're still lusting for a lick of ICS, you can check the video after the break and pick up the file at the source.