Orange Amps upgrades OPC lineup, gives you the best of both worlds (video)

What better way to combine your geeky and rhythmic sides than with a PC / amp fusion? We first spotted the OPC back in 2010, and although it preserves its glamorous outer shell, internally it's seen quite the overhaul. Aside from a visit to the specs doctor, the new OPC variants also come with lighter price tags. Essentially, you'll still have access to all expected traits: playing, recording, multi-tracking and mixing. The British company says it was able to slash prices by cutting out the middlemen, so what's the cores-to-cash ratio? $1300 will get you a dual-core i3 OPC, about $200 more for a quad-core i5 and the premium quad-core i7 will run you around $1600. One thing the company isn't promising is a record deal, but it's not like record deals have been all that promising of late. A video showing the machine in action is after the break.

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Orange Personal Computers have upgraded the Orange OPC and features an unlocked 2nd gen Core Intel i7 CPU with 8 virtual cores, the RAM has been doubled to 8GB DDR3. Greatly increased demand coupled with selling direct from their website makes this all-in-one recording studio, complete with inbuilt instrument/mic amplifier and stereo JBL speakers, an excellent and unbeatable value.

The new prices for the variants are as follows:

Dual Core i3 2100 - 4GB RAM £795 VAT included ($1125)
Quad Core i5 2400 - 6GB RAM £985 VAT included ($1395)
Quad Core i7 2600k (8 threads) - 8GB RAM £1115 VAT included ($1579)

The great advantage with the OPC is it comes complete with premium software (over £500 in value) already installed and configured; it's easy to use and is very user friendly. It's ideal for making Demos or Master digital recordings. Just plug- in, play/record, multi-track/mix, and then upload straight onto the Web for the world to access. As a Windows audio workstation, the OPC can be easily expanded with any additional hardware or software as needed.

The OPC is light, portable and can also be used as a powerful computer; it measures only (h) 32cm x (w) 35cm x (d) 24cm. There's so much more in an OPC. Go to