AOC reveals iPhone-compatible e2343Fi monitor, boosts your Dock Connector peripheral count by one

We know you've faced a plethora of docking peripherals that aim to take your iPhone into transformer status. But, if the boombox or wired-phone looks just weren't cutting-edge enough for you, would a 23-inch display do the trick? AOC's e2343Fi is packed up and heading to CES 2012 ready to share its Full-HD and SRS Premium Sound qualities with your Apple device. If you were pondering whether the sole purpose of the monitor was to act as a multimedia station, fret not -- the screen can do what it's accustomed to without its docked friend. There's no word on how juicy (or dry) it is in the specs department, or how deep it'll dig into your wallet, but you can bet we'll be the hunt for further deets next month.