Stephen Reid addresses SWTOR server load issues

Screenshot -- Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic continues to prove itself overwhelmingly popular as the official launch day progresses. Perhaps a little too popular, in fact. Stephen Reid stopped by the official forums today to post a short warning on high-population servers. Many players are experiencing extended queues to log in to their servers, but Reid focuses on a few "consistently high-population servers... [which] are closing in on their absolute population cap." These servers have reached or nearly reached the maximum amount of players the server can handle and "will likely have a queue to enter even at off-peak playtimes."

The servers in question, organized by region, are The Harbinger, The Swiftsure, and The Fatman for North America, and Bloodworthy, Frostclaw, Legions of Lettow, The Red Eclipse, Tomb of Freedon Nadd, Darth Revan's Mask, Darth Traya, Jar'Kai Sword, and Hrakert Rift for Europe. Reid adds that server transfers are a common request, but even though the ability to transfer servers is being worked on, "there is no ETA on when it will be available."

Also of note is the announcement that SWTOR will be launching in Australia and New Zealand in the spring of 2012. Reid states that right now the team is aiming for March 1st, though that may change. And if you've already imported the game, don't worry. Reid says that "[BioWare] will be investigating solutions to allow you to continue to play on a local server once they come online in March." For the full details, click on over to the SWTOR official forums.