Dell Streak Pro D43 launched in China, where Yi shall find some Baidu love

Just as rumored and teased earlier this week, yesterday Dell unveiled the world's first Baidu Yi-powered smartphone dubbed Streak Pro D43. We won't bore you with the hardware details again (the D43's identical to its Japanese Android counterpart 101DL), but it's worth noting that this dual-core 1.5GHz, quadband HSPA phone focuses on features and services tailored for Chinese users, including some seemingly basic Mandarin voice control (no pressure on Siri just yet), contacts synchronization, Baidu Chinese input, Yi's own app store and 100GB of free cloud storage that supports multimedia upload and secure file sharing. Essentially, the Yi platform's basically just another Chinese bastardized Android OS sans Google services -- much like Alibaba's Aliyun, China Mobile's Ophone and Lenovo's LeOS; but if you already reside in China and are cool with Baidu's offering, then get a Micro SIM ready and look out for a China Unicom deal soon.

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"Cloud Share" - Dell's New Smartphone Streak Pro Makes Shining Debut on the Market

· The Streak Pro is the first smartphone developed on the "Baidu·Yi" mobile platform.

· Featuring a dazzling high-definition big touch screen and a powerful 1.5GHz dual-core processor, the Streak Pro provides users with an amazing mobile Internet and entertainment experience.

· The Streak Pro has expanded Dell's mobility portfolio.

· The Streak Pro enables users to enjoy cloud–based services and makes life more convenient while realizing multi-terminal data management.

Beijing – December 20, 2011

Dell launched its latest smartphone, the Streak Pro, today in Beijing. The new product is the first smartphone based on the "Baidu·Yi" mobile platform, and is customized for China Unicom. The launch of this smartphone marks the expansion of Dell's cloud computing ecosystem. This robust new addition to Dell's product line enables users to enjoy the company's high-quality services, ranging from corporate IT solutions to personal entertainment. The use of a locally-developed mobile platform has further demonstrated Dell's commitment to the China market. The Dell Streak Pro will be available soon for purchase at Dell's official website and through designated channels.

Michael Yang, Dell's Vice President and President of Greater China, said, "China has become the world's largest smartphone market. It is indispensable for manufacturers to develop local strategies and to innovate to provide products, solutions, and services for the local market. While continuing to introduce advanced global information technologies into this market, Dell is committed to rooting itself in the China market and servicing Chinese users. Meanwhile, Dell is constantly strengthening cooperation with outstanding local companies, as evidenced by the recently launched Dell Streak Pro, the first smartphone developed on the "Baidu·Yi" mobile platform."

Wang Jing, Vice President at Baidu, said, "The Dell Streak Pro is a smartphone that truly fits Chinese users. The "Baidu·Yi" mobile platform on which this smartphone is built was specially developed by Baidu according to the actual needs of Chinese users. Knowledge of those needs can only be attained by observing and studying their using behaviour and habits over a long time. Compared with other smartphone operating systems, Baidu "Cloud" services can help users enjoy a better, more localized mobile Internet experience."

In terms of product positioning, the Dell Streak Pro targets business elites who pay attention to their personal image and social status and young socially active trendsetters. Compared with ordinary consumers, these consumer groups have a much higher standards and higher demand for mobile services and entertainment experience. With its powerful configuration and innovative localized cloud services, the Dell Streak Pro provides Chinese users with the best product experience.

Powerful configuration and advanced design

The Streak Pro is the newest member in Dell's mobile product line-up. Like Dell's other mobile products, it also features the company's advanced design and perfect services. In terms of hardware configuration, the Streak Pro has a built-in Qualcomm 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 3G+communication module, thus ensuring the prompt and undelayed image processing and smoothness on the screen. Moreover, the 4.3-inch Super AMOLED gHD (960 x540) high-definition touch screen provides a wider angle of view to ensure the effects of high lightness, high contrast and high definition, even in bright sunlight. Thanks to the product's powerful configuration, users can enjoy not only smooth mobile Internet experience, but also amazing entertainment and gaming experience made possible by its 4.3-inch high-definition screen.

In terms of appearance design, Corning Gorilla Glass and silica gel give the Streak Pro a luxurious yet low-profile look. The combined use of the two materials protects the smartphone well, while its fine-textured appearance makes the owner feel comfortable holding the smartphone.

Innovative localized cloud services

As a new member in Dell's mobile computing eco-system, the Streak Pro will, just like any other products in the big family of Dell, provide excellent mobile services to users. Multi-terminal access and management can be realized through Dell's products for both work data and personal information, thus greatly improving work efficiency and saving storage space.

Dell's cloud computing ecosystem does not only include the company's own products and services, but also its cooperation with other IT companies, which constitutes a "large ecosystem". Dell's introduction of the Streak Pro, developed on the Baidu·Yi mobile platform, is based exactly on the ever-increasing consumer demands for "localized" cloud services, especially business elites and young socially active trend-setters. Three Baidu products, namely, SmartBox Search, Treasure Box, and ting! can satisfy consumer demand in information search, information storage, and music downloading, respectively. SmartBox Search enables users to obtain information quickly and accurately through its mobile search engine. In addition, the service also supports voice instructions and the application of internally-contained words. With 100G personal cloud storage space, Treasure Box supports data synchronization, backup and sharing of multiple terminals including computers and mobile phones, thus enabling users to manage data easily. And ting! allows users to enjoy and download over 500,000 songs for free.

In-depth cooperation with operators

In addition to outstanding IT partners, Dell has also strengthened cooperation with mobile operators. In working with China Unicom, Dell has greatly improved product experience for users by adding built-in China Unicom-customized services and charging package to the Streak Pro.

As a high-tech company, Dell launches all its products to bring convenience to our customers' work and life. The launch of the Streak Pro not only marks the further improvement of Dell's product line, but also is a further progress in its Cloud services. Dell's cloud computing ecosystem allows users to obtain the most amazing IT experience for both consumers' individualized demands and corporate information management.