Kayak iOS apps get unified, see redesigned user interface and autofill assistant

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Kayak iOS apps get unified, see redesigned user interface and autofill assistant
What better time for the folks at Kayak to update its iOS app than during one of the busiest traveling seasons of the year? (Perhaps before this time of year, but maybe we're just bitter about the "deals" we got back in July.) All that aside, the new version not only unifies the various applications on the platform, but it also includes a major UI overhaul, plus some new features such as car rental search and an autofill option. Some of the older, but useful, elements -- like hotel and flight search -- also saw some design changes, accompanied by slight overall improvements. Notably, the universal app keeps its freebie status, so if you've yet to try it for yourself, you can do so by hitting the source link below.
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Get to the app store: the new KAYAK iPad app has arrived in time for the holidays

Today we've got some sweet news for all you tablet-lovin', wanderlust-filled KAYAK fans: we've released a brand new version of our iPad app to include a ton of new features based on your feedback.

As is the case with any new technology, we didn't have a crystal ball to see how people would use the iPad when it first launched. Now almost two years later, we have a much better idea and we've updated our iPad app appropriately.

Here's the "what's so new and special about the new app?" highlights:
· Redesigned flight and hotel search, including a better and easier-to-use calendar
· Added car rental search
· Trips – same functionality of both the iPhone app and Trips feature of our site
· A new autofill assistant helps you complete your purchase on airline and hotel web sites
· It's prettier

And there's one more thing: our new iPad app isn't even the iPad app. We've made the main KAYAK app, the one you usually install on an iPhone, universal. So, if you currently have the KAYAK HD app on your iPad, you can now download just one KAYAK App on both devices instead and use it on your big or small iOS device.

One big thing that hasn't changed? It's still free ninety-nine (aka zip, zero, zilch). Pretty good deal, right? So good in fact that you should go ahead and download our app and preload it on your loved one's iPad that you bought for them for Christmakwanzakah. If you didn't buy your loved one an iPad, you're just terrible, you Scrooge. We kid, we kid.

All that said, we're really proud of our mobile development team that has put in some crazy hours to push this out. These are the same nerds who made and maintain the #1 free travel app in the iPhone app store – they're pretty legit.

"Locking our iPad team in that tiny room for a month really paid off. The updated app is [redacted] beautiful," said Bill O'Donnell, the cruel GM of Mobile and Chief Architect at KAYAK. And he is spot on.

Next time you need to access KAYAK to book some travel, try it on your iPad and via the KAYAK app first. We think you'll have some fun. So, there you have it – get thee to the App Store and download the KAYAK iPad app before supplies run out.
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